About Me-ow

Hello, I’m Eric_the_Cat!

Eric_the_Cat close up photograph

Best known for being the most handsome ginger cat on the whole of Instagram (in my opinion!) If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself @eric_the_c.at

In April 2017 life wasn’t going too great for me… I found myself wandering the streets; cold wet and unloved. But don’t worry, rescue came (hooray!) and I was taken to Cats Protection (a UK re-homing charity). That’s when my human came to visit me. Straight away I knew that she was the right human for me. So I adopted her and the rest is history!

Now I’m really happy (yay!) My favourite activities include: scratching the sofa, catching (and eating) flies, playing with trash, having my chin tickled and, of course, posing for photographs!

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