Five Things That Annoy Eric!

Lots of things annoy me. Here are just five of them…

1. My human not waking up early enough

Eric the cat looking angry and grumpy

My human has got to be the laziest human on the planet. At exactly 5.31am my stomach starts rumbling. This is the time I expect food to be put in my bowl, I don’t think it’s too much to ask! However, sometimes my human doesn’t emerge from her blankets until at least 8am. By that point I’m ravenous and even the mouldy banana in the fruit bowl is starting to look appealing 🙁

2. The vacuum cleaner

Eric the cat looking grumpy

In my house there’s a really loud sucking machine called the vacuum cleaner. About once a week my human lets the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard where it lives. She takes the vacuum cleaner on a walk around every room in the house. I’m not sure why she does this because I don’t think the vacuum cleaner likes it very much. It lets out the most almighty noise. VROOOOM SHVOOOOO crickle crackle SCHWOAP. So annoying!

3. Humans sitting on my chair

eric the cat sat on a chair looking angry and grumpy

Every chair in the house belongs to me. It’s time the humans realised this because they keep sitting on my chairs. They don’t even get the hint when I try to push them off the chair and glare at them with my evil eyes. It’s so annoying! 😐

4. The doorbell

eric the cat headshot

Every so often there’s a noise – BUZZZzzzz – that usually means a human who doesn’t live with us is about to enter the house. Sometimes I like having visitors because it means I get extra cuddles 🙂 But usually I find them annoyingly loud and sometimes they smell of other cats. Plus… they sit on my chairs!

5. Being picked up and carried around like a baby

eric the cat look angry and grumpy

Humans have no sense of personal space. At least six times a day I’m lifted off my feet with no warning and scooped up into my human’s arms. She squeezes me uncomfortably, ruffles my hair, makes stupid noises and tries to kiss my head. It’s embarrassing. I hate to think what will happen if one of the neighbourhood cats catches us through the window. My reputation would be ruined forever! 😮

These are just five of the many things that annoy me. I’ll be sure to write about some more soon. If you don’t already, go follow me on Instagram for (almost) daily photos

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