Eric’s Guide to Posing for Photographs

Do you aspire to look as purrfect as me in photos? Have ambitions to become a supermeowdel? Then look no further because here are my seven top tips for looking furbulous in photos! 😀

1. Find a Human to Take the Photo

Unfortunately you’re going to need a human to take the photos. I once tried to get a cat friend to snap me but cameras aren’t designed for little paws. So ask your human nicely if they wouldn’t mind.

It doesn’t matter if your human isn’t great at taking photos. As long as the meowdel is good then the photo will be good. Up until recently my human took all my photos on her iPhone. So fancy cameras aren’t a must.

2. Good Lighting

I said fancy cameras aren’t necessary but good lighting is. I’m naturally gorgeous in any light but nice lighting makes me look stunning. My human doesn’t have any professional lighting systems so she has to experiment with light.

My favourite photos are taken outside in the sunshine. I don’t think you can beat natural light and a leafy green background. The only downside to photos outside is I’m easily distracted. Sometimes I ruin the purrfect shot by chasing after a fly or going to investigate an intriguing noise 😐

If you’re an indoor cat, don’t worry, you can still get nice photos inside. You just have to make sure you position yourself in a well-lit room. I like visiting my human grandparent’s house because they have a thing called a conservatory (it’s kind of like a glass box attached to the house), aside from being my favourite place to watch birds and catch flies it’s also a great place to take photos because it’s really bright.

Sadly my human’s house doesn’t have a conservatory and the lighting isn’t so good. But that just means we have to make the most of every opportunity. Sometimes we have to accept that the lighting might be a little off but I still look gorgeous enough to post because my facial expression is on point…

Photograph of wide eye

3. The Wide Eye

Now you’ve got a human and good light you need the purrfect facial expression. I have a few go-to facial expressions, including what I like to call ‘the wide eye’.

Cats have beautiful eyes so why not show them off?! This expression is easy to do. You just have to pretend you’ve seen a bird, or someone waving a cheesey treat (they’re my favourite!) in the distance. Open your eyes really wide with excitement and look past the camera 😀

Photograph of squinty eye

4. The Squinty Eye

Opposite to the wide eye, but just as effective. This is my characteristic expression and gets me a lot of attention. Humans call this one the smize. Squint your eyes and curl the edges of your mouth upwards. Humans really love it when cats do this because it looks like we’re smiling. It’s a hard one to get right so you might need to practice in front of the mirror for a while 😉

Photograph of sullen look

5. The Sullen Look

Sometimes I like to use a serious face in photos. This one is really easy because it’s how I look every time a human annoys me (which is at least nine times a day!) To get this expression just think back to a time when your human stroked your tummy when you told them not to… or when your human bought the wrong food again… or when they didn’t wake up to play with you at 5am… 🙁

Photograph of action shot

6. Action Shots

Posed photographs can look great but my favourite type of photo is an action shot. These are the most fun to do because it means I can play/sleep/eat etc whilst my human follows me around taking photos. The trick here is to pretend the camera isn’t watching, just continue with your day.

7. Patience

If you’re going to be a supermeowdel you’re going to have to be patient. Sometimes the purrfect photo takes ten/twenty/thirty shots to find. You have to experiment with poses, expressions and backgrounds. Listen to your human because the pawparazzi know best. My human rewards me with lots of treats and distracts me with toys when I get bored. It’s important to tell your human if you’re getting annoyed. I like to give my human a quick swipe of my paw if I want to stop and she usually gets the message 😛

I hope my top tips help you capture some pawsome photos! Be sure to tag if you use any of my facial expressions. I’d love to see! 🙂

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