Eric in bed - my first post

My First Post!

Why did the cat wear a dress??… Because she was feline fine

Hehe that joke made me giggle. “Feline fine” Get it?! 😀

Oh, hey. It’s me, Eric! 🙂 This blog thing was my human’s idea. She expects a lot from me. Errr, human, I don’t even have thumbs! But I thought I’d give it a go. Because I’m not just a pretty face – there are loaaads of enlightening thoughts going on in my fluffy ginger head.

I’m not sure if people will want to read my ramblings. But then I never thought so many people would enjoy seeing photos of my face. My Instagram account started because my human was posting lots of pictures of me on her own account. She was worried that not all of her friends liked cats, and that her constant spamming of my face might annoy them (I question why she’s friends with such people, but never mind!) So she let me set up an account dedicated to photos of my beautiful face, for all her cat-loving friends to follow. But then other people started to follow too and now I have so many furriends, both cats and humans (and the occasional other species too!)

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write about yet (suggestions on a postcard!) It’ll probably be a combination of stories about my adventures, my thoughts on current affairs and popular culture, reviews of cat products and maybe even some tips on caring for your own cat (or, for the cat readers, caring for your human). Let’s just see how it goes! 😉

I’ll share all blog posts to my new Facebook page – so make sure to ‘like’ that!

Anyway, welcome to my blog!

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